Earth Day (Brave New (Digital) World)

Let’s celebrate Earth Day ALL WEEK, what do you say?

#EveryDayIsEarthDAy -right?

[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]USA Today was browsing through the book store’s shelves of newly released titles, asking: How bad is climate change? What’s the best future source of energy? Why did media mogul Ted Turner and actor Ted Danson become activists?  

Click the links to peruse their list of “intriguing new environmental books,” including Antarctica: An Intimate Portrait of a Mysterious Continent by Gabrielle Walker

Meanwhile, for the kids…
loraxfirst and little is a blog catering towards parents keen to enrich the growing experience of their children and tweens and they offered a cool list of  “Eco-friendly Children’s Books,” including the iconic Dr. Seuss’ colorful allegory – The Lorax.



In online / e-lending -news:

Brave New World, indeed! The Library continues to go digital..

Imagine if “…the Ancient Library of Alexandria had met the Modern World Wide Web and digitized America for the benefit of all.” With that, we have the launch of the Digital Public Library of America, an online initiative of the Library of Congress.

Digital Public Library of America

Time covered this historic event – with the DPLA set to allow web-surfers (on their home computers or mobile devices) “… access to digitized materials from archives, libraries and museums—but also makes its data available for software developments to create apps using the materials.”

More details available from the DPLA’s main site including an App Library. 

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