Cli-Fi and Friends of E-Books

“…we need a new type of novel to address a new type of reality, which is that we’re headed toward something terrifying and large and transformative. And it’s the novelist’s job to try to understand, what is that doing to us?”  –Nathaniel Rich, author of ‘Odds Against Tomorrow’

NPR’s Morning Edition forecasts a new literary genre on the horizon – Cli-Fi

Narratives spinning potential perils, disasters or heroic resolve required in the face of epic environmental alterations brought on by Climate Change.

Odds Against TomorrowNPR’s story: “So Hot Right Now”






As long as you’re here – I should re-share this with you, (in case you’re ready to get started E-lending but might not be all too sure about HOW…



“…simple tips and fun stuff about ebooks, digital publishing and the future of books…” – @E-Book Friendly

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