Resilient (…and stubborn)

…”as the Queens Borough Public Library showed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy—by using bookmobiles to bring information and diversion to people in heavily damaged neighborhoods—libraries are far, far more than their buildings. They’re librarians offering help in the midst of trouble. They’re community members gathering to talk and read. They’re stories and information shared by neighbors and friends. They’re resilient and, in the best way, stubborn.”

A reaffirming read, this week, from Derek Attig – “How Libraries Respond to Disaster” – Indeed. We’ve had our own troubles, here and there, but we’ve come back, re-situated, replanted and bloomed again -as an adhoc community center, bursting with precious materials (i.e. -books) and precious cargo (local music collections, audiobooks and lots of public-access computers).

In Children’s Literature News-

The popular Lunch Lady juvenile graphic novel series was featured on NPR’s Backseat Book Club recently.

And Huffington Post (BOOKS) offered a fun “infographic” – “A Children’s Book Guide to Travel!”

And…a regular update, more or less, for this blog:

Game of Thrones news:734609_512069525505575_1257952531_n

Author of A Song of Fire and Ice series (popularized by the HBO television series currently running its third season) shared some thoughts with The Daily Telegraph’s online book blog:

“…creator George RR Martin explains to Jessica Salter why his epic fantasy, which features boobs, swords and dragons, surprisingly appeals to women.”

Strong female roles featuring political strategy, knighthood, royal cunning and command over fire-breathing dragons! Or…is it, as Gina Belafonte put it, recently, in the New York Times… “…boy fiction patronizingly turned out to reach the population’s other half.’” -?

You read (…if you like). You decide.

Me, I barely have enough time on my hands to stay caught up to my DVR’ed HBO reruns. Plus, I’m honestly too preoccupied reading Dune (…for the first time).

What have you been reading lately? Need some recommendations?
Ferndale Library Staff Recommends…

Have a good weekend!


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