Info, Access & Quiet Spaces! (Plus: “American Gods” & “Gatsby”)

These results came from the fourth part of a current study by the Pew Research & American Life Project on: “Library Services in the Digital Age”

Download DestinationDownload DestinationDownload DestinationWe may be entering a future where much of your personal/recreational reading (or “lending” / “e-lending”) from the library is done from home (via ebooks, MP3 audiobooks, etc) via services such as OverDrive – but… when you come to the library, seeking quiet spaces or important information, we’ll be ready to serve!

In a bit of morbid Book News:

Famed Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda’s remains were dug up. This is the poet Gabriel García Márquez dubbed “the greatest poet of the 20th century”

The Guardian home   New from The Guardian: On top of this week’s exhumation, research is underlining why the newly-installed junta was so keen to be rid of him

“…a new generation of world activists needs to reconnect with the vibrant political imagination embodied by Neruda….”

Meanwhile: News from the Occupy Wall Street movement

Huffington Post’s book site reported on the latest from Liberty Plaza-born “People’s Library” in New York. Occupy Wall Street Lawsuits: NYC Agrees To Pay Protesters For Destroying Library, Property

cropped-dsc_2381“…$100,000 for property damaged or lost when police cleared out their encampment…” — Almost half of that is going towards compensation for Library equipment and materials carelessly damaged or lost in the raid on Zuccotti Park last September.

In Entertainment-book news:

Today marks the 88th anniversary F. Scott Fitzgerald’s immortal Great Gatsby‘s 1st publication. And so now, we have The Great Gatsby 3D: Movie Novelization

and BOOK RIOT asks:  – How closely will Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby 3D follow F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel?  


More Entertainment-book news: (Gaiman edition)

untitledThe writer of Sandman, The Graveyard Book and Coraline reports that another of his well-known (if not, potentially most popular?) works, the epic novel American Gods will be turned into a show, on cable, via HBO. American Gods will debut this year if Gaiman can get the pilot script done in time to HBO’s satisfaction… So reported–


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