E Lending and Bionic Beetles (…in book news)

You borrow printed books from our building. It stands to reason, presuming “we have the technology,” that you should be able, then, to check out the next batch of books electronically…from home…

  • After a recent study across the pond in England reviewed found that it would be illogical to forbid library users from borrowing e-books at home, the rest of the world’s lending institutions are figuring out “the proper controls” needed to transition towards that service while also quelling fears of big publishers and the Society of Authors… …that the technological shift will spell the end for the book industry. 

It should be an interesting year ahead for libraries as we find our way into standardized E-Lending.

More from the Guardian: “…a new chapter for Libraries…” 


In other book news


  • My calendar (a freebie picked up my Veterinarian) informed me this morning that April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Synchronized timely to that is a new science book buzzing up some book blogs this week: Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling Up To Biotech’s Brave New Beasts. Emily Anthes, (freelance science journalist) investigates what happens when we take “animal alteration” a step too far… Glowing cats, glowing goldfish, cyborg beetles and a bionic bulldog!? 

Read up: Scientific American — Frankenstein’s Cat

Further reads: from Mother Jones‘ interview:  5 Ways Biotech Is Changing Our Pets and Wildlife.


  • A confessed “library-ophile…” a true believer and trumpeter of “librarian-ism” has taken the heroine of her children’s book series into the place she considers a vital wellspring of inspiration for children. 

Author Jennifer Fosberry (My Name Is Not Isabella) posts on the HuffingtonPost Book site: 6 Ways Libraries Can Inspire You

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