Geese Check Out Library (+National Poetry Month)

This vociferous duo made a stop at the library on their northerly flight path. It was hard not to notice them what with how loudly they greeted (er, honked) at the sunrise!


Still, a sure sign of Spring! Read up on (and sample some “honks” from)  Canadian geese via Audobon Magazine (a featured periodical, by the way, stored in our quiet Reading Room).

In the meantime, we’re celebrating National Poetry Month on the shelves of FPL.

Like, say – W. Wordsworth’s “…Witten in Early Spring: – “I Heard a thousand blended notes…” (…as I heard a hundred blended HONKS from our visitors, above^)

Or, William Carlos Williams’ “…Now the grass, tomorrow the stiff curl of wildcarrot leaf One by one objects are defined-

It quickens: clarity, outline of leaf But now the stark dignity of entrance-Still, the profound change has come upon them: rooted, they grip down and begin to awaken…” 

Come in for some verse! Let’s celebrate Spring with charming rhymes!


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