imagesThe Internet’s all a-buzz this week with news regarding big-name Publisher’s permitting Public Libraries to lend digital copies of their signed author’s works.

E-lending is the hot topic right now, because it concerns those ever-ominous four words: “…the future of libraries.” It’s vital to our transitioning of relevancy in a digital age… Simply: patrons will want (expect?) access to e-books from their libraries. This risks, yes, the possibility that some of these patrons will never “buy” another digital e-book from a publisher like Penguin “…ever again,” though that’s unlikely.

This is going to be very interesting to observe as it progresses, involving nuanced, potentially-head-achey policy quibbles over how much or how long or even how often patrons can rent “e-materials” from libraries. Your digital-circulation-future is taking shape.

Read-up, while you’re here:

The Guardian homeDigital library loans get government backing

Review commissioned by government supports free lending of ebooks and remote borrowing

MiamiHerald.comPublisher speeds up e-book access for libraries

The EconomistFolding Shelves: Electronic Lending

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