‘Great’ News

The AccursedFirst thing’s first… 
Joyce Carol Oates has a new book out. It takes place at Princeton in early 20th century, features Woodrow Wilson as a main character and involves Vampires. Also demons…and hallucinations. Listen Up – NPR Weekend Edition

George R.R. Martin says: “I don’t care what movie you’re talking about, the book is almost always better than the movie or the television show.” An interview w/Amazon’s culture blogs

But then…

“Greatest MC of All-Time” goes Great Gatsby–  Jay-Z was recently “officially added” to the production crew of splendidly-spazzy/visionary Baz Luhrman’s forthcoming The Great Gatsby film incarnation – as Soundtrack Producer. (Huffington Post)

So what else, then?

[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]I know a ton of great books are coming out, recently. But, how about reading some classics? You can’t neglect them on your shelves for too long. You know why you bought them, recently, from that last Used Book Shoppe you stopped-by–because you’d always meant to read them. (Or…you just want to look cool and cultured, with those books adorning your rooms when friends stop by). STILL, maybe there was that “High-School-Curicula-stigma” to these titles… Might you reconsider? Thanks to Kevin Smokler’s recent Huffington Post list, it makes it easier for you to decide:

10 Classic High School Required Books That You Should Reread

Lean In
Everybody’s talking about the new memoir, Lean In… (“…new feminist manifesto”) by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandburg. I know. I know…FPL will have it circulating soon. –In the meantime, the NYTIMES has: Sheryl Sandberg: By the Book

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