Winter…er, Spring…is Coming!


George R.R. Martin knows you hate waiting.

The wizardly author of the wildly popular Song of Fire & Ice fantasy series, the brutal, epic, romantic and supernatural story of wars waged between varying clans and families in a land known as Westeros, is dogged by his hyper-eager fans even more than he already was – thanks to HBO’s recent dynamic productions of A Game of Thrones’ -through which the first two novels in the series have been depicted through 10-episode seasons.

Season 3 is coming soon. This will comprise half-of or at least most of “Book 3: A Storm of Swords” 


Anyway. Book 5: A Dance With Dragons came out about a year ago but you can be sure that the sixth (of seven, total) won’t be coming any time soon.

So here’s some suggestions to tide you over, until then… compliments of Mr. Martin, himself, via Huffington Post’s book site.





In unrelated, if still intriguing Book News:

Amazon – the mega online retail dealer – tried to take ownership of the URL domain:  .book or .author -but were challenged vigorously by the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers.

NPR has the story. 


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