Ferndale’s Place in History

fernhistsocLast night, Garry Andrews, President of the Ferndale Historical Society, presented his informative look back into the early days of Ferndale down through the ages. “Ferndale Before 1927” introduced an attentive audience to the various peoples who’ve populated are area over the last centuries, and used various helpful visual aids (graphics, maps and old sepia-toned photographs from the Museum’s archives) to show current residents what certain geographical sites and locales were like -way-back-when…


From the glaciers that carved out the land, leaving large challenges for the nomadic peoples and eventually coming to the first arrival of white man, the pioneers and prospectors that sought their fortunes to the settlers that took on the land to make a place in history.


Andrews remarked reverently upon Ferndale, in which he’s resided for nearly 10 years now:”…This is a small city with a huge commitment to their own long lived ideals of hard work, diversity, acceptance, and a true sense of community.”

President Andrews will present another talk on Feb 27th – 11:00 a.m. – at the Kulick Center.

More info: Ferndale Historical Society 

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