Literati Bookstore (and other book-bits)

PrintTwo Michigan Natives moved back home from their current abode in Brooklyn after the closing of Ann Arbor’s flagship Borders Book Store – inspired to assure that the college town could continue to be a beacon for bookworms by opening up their own general bookstore (on E. Washington St in the heart of downtown).

Hilary Lowe and Michael Gustafson plan to open Literati by the end of this Spring. The co-owners declared: “We couldn’t stomach one of the most literate, creative cities in the nation (the world?) without a downtown general bookstore to share ideas, discuss books, and meet authors.” More info. 

And more from Michigan Daily – New bookstore to join competitive Ann Arbor market


…Meanwhile, most internet-surfers are probably still drying off from the splash of zany and inventive advertisements streaming between hikes and fumbles from last nights Super Bowl. Here’s a fun literary twist from the droll BookHeads at McSweeney’s – NFL PLAYERS WHOSE NAMES SOUND VAGUELY DICKENSIAN, AND THE CHARACTERS THEY WOULD BE IN AN ACTUAL DICKENS NOVEL (2007–2008 REGULAR SEASON EDITION).

In other sweetly-silly book news – It should come as no considerable surprise that the author of the famously-clothed cat was a lover, himself, of hats… NYTimes: The Author Himself Was a Cat in the Hat

And then, in other, more sober and endearing book news from around the world: …from the the Irrawaddy Literary Festival in Rangoon: For Bookworms, a Historic Event in Burma’s Biggest City


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