Geek the Ferndale-Library!

geek geekTowards the end of last summer, the Ferndale Public Library started highlighting the act of GEEK-ing… as both an enlightening and recreational pursuit… a way of drawing the community’s attention towards the things they were passionate about, (gardening, design, bowling, sports, movies, you-name-it) and specifically tying it back to the ways in which the Library helps you stay connected to your various daily pursuits and passions.

Underneath the charming hullabaloo of our Geek-swag… …was a more sober campaign to continue being mindful of the vitality of Library Services to any community.

Recent Studies:

Library Services in the Digital Age –

“Americans say libraries are important to their families and their communities, but often do not know all the services libraries offer”

The Future of Libraries

“Americans are relying on libraries’ free services more than ever, even now that the economy is recovering. Yet, many libraries’ budgets face major cuts.”

Check it out!




















































Thanks OpenSite!

And…thank you, Ferndale, for showing your support for the Ferndale Library!

We may have a few leftover Geek Buttons -after The Blues Fest this weekend…but supplies are limited!


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