Libraries in the Digital Age

geekA recent survey of more than 2,000 Americans age-16 and over conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project assures that even in the digital age, Libraries maintain their valued role in society.

The enthusing percentages of “interactions with a library” assure that we’re continuing our vital function  as a cultural / professional connector for citizens – to information, personal organization, local lore, educational programming as well as enriching/recreational entertainment.

  • 73% of library patrons in the past 12 months say they visit to browse the shelves for books or media.

  • 73% say they visit to borrow print books.

  • 54% say they visit to research topics that interest them.

  • 50% say they visit to get help from a librarian. Asked how often they get help from library staff in such things as answering research questions, 31% of library patrons in the past 12 months say they frequently get help, 39% say they sometimes get help, 23% say they hardly ever get help, and 7% say they never get help.

  • 49% say they visit to sit, read, and study, or watch or listen to media.

  • 46% say they visit to use a research database.

Read more from the Los Angeles Times’ feature:  Not dead yet: Libraries still vital, Pew report finds

The encouraging numbers regarding print materials harkens to another recent piece, this one from the Wall Street Journal:  Don’t Burn Your Books—Print Is Here to Stay


Which brings us to the touchier business of overdue fines. In the interest of protecting Ferndale citizens (i.e., Library Patron’s) tax investment (i.e., the print materials, DVDs, books, CDs, you name it…), we are using a collection agency to hasten the return of seriously overdue items.

Any patron who has owed the library $20.00 or more for more-than-60-days will be referred to Unique Management Services. Patrons who have been referred to the collection agency will be assessed a $10.00 referral-fee.

It’s not that we like being overdue-fine-bounty hunters, it’s just that we want to make sure every item in our collection is available, again, for further-borrowing by all patrons (/citizens…i.e. those who “interact” with our library).


Now then…

ghostbusters library scene

…to continue the celebration of visiting / populating these (and our own local) inspiring institutions of information – Book Riot online organized:

16 Great Library Scenes in Film


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