Post- Prez-Inaugural Book-Bits (+Blu-ray Classics!)

[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]On the subject of Book Restoration:

Georgia man restores MLK Bible for Obama inauguration




On the subject of various Presidents’ picking the “Good Book…”

Inauguration Day Bibles: how presidents choose, and what that reveals

New toy: The educational books will be included with the famous Happy MealsAnd then for something completely different:
yet, I’ll say, altogether enthusing: 

A new trend, one hopes? U.K. McDonalds’ chains embark on “reading campaign” – McDonald’s replaces Happy Meal toys with books to become UK’s largest book distributor


And in LIBRARY news:

We’re starting up another Film Series (compliments of Head Reference Librarian Ed Burns)

Date: Monday, January 28, 2013 At 07:00 PM
Classics on Blu-ray w/ Surround Sound Print
Monday, January 28

Sunset Boulevard (1950) Directed by Billy Wilder.  Starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden.  Nominated for 11 Academy Awards.


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