Book-less library? An endorsement from Juicy J? A Book Party THIS Thursday in Ferndale!

Yep… Book-less… That’s the inevitable lead-headline for this week’s review of Book-bits in the news:

San Antonio’s Launching the First Completely Bookless Public Library

BiblioTech-as they’re calling it- offers public-access computers, reading/meeting/&/study-rooms, and all the other amenities of a public library – particularly underlining the stock of loan-able e-reader devices (and check-out-able e-book files online) – but NO books. Gizmodo deemed it: “a rather bizarre step into what may very well be the future…”


The Los Angeles Times‘ “Reading Life” site speaks further on the subject of “e-reading…” –

Has the e-book bubble burst?– Referring back to an original Wall Street Journal article quoting tech-trend author/researcher Nicholas Carr who offered a positive posit: “Hardcover books are displaying surprising resiliency. The growth in e-book sales is slowing markedly. And purchases of e-readers are actually shrinking, as consumers opt instead for multipurpose tablets. It may be that e-books, rather than replacing printed books, will ultimately serve a role more like that of audio books—a complement to traditional reading, not a substitute…”


Inauguration Day is coming up… Parents, the New York Times’ Sunday Book Review offered a list of books to peruse the next time you’re shepherding the tikes through the picture-book section.


Becoming America


“I wanted to be in the music business,” says rapper/record-producer Juicy J (interview with Vice): “I needed to know the business part. So I went to the library, checked out a bunch of books. Well I had my mom check me out books; I was young. I was 13. I had her check me out a bunch of books from the library and I just read almost like six or seven books. Then I would check the books back in, and I would check them back out for another two weeks just to read the same thing over and over again so I could understand it.”


untitledIn the meantime…. THURSDAY @ THE EMORY

Join us at one of our favorite neighborhood hangouts ,The Emory (22700 Woodward Ave), for book talk, drink specials, and appetizers.

January’s book is World War Z by Max Brooks. 

Read the book before the movie comes out!

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