It could be your Lucky Day (at the Library)

Coming Soon…
Lucky Day LabelThe “Lucky Day” Book Collection

Starting in February (/late Winter):
We’re adding a special batch of “New” Fiction/Non-Fiction to be shelved near our Graphic Novels- (right by our front window):

The LUCKY DAY Book Collection features multiple copies of the most popular, in-demand and new titles!

Some new books just never seem to be on the shelf when you stop in, likely because they’re highly popular, with patrons either waiting on a “holds” list or just grabbing-the-one-limited copy up too quickly before you can catch it… By increasing the number of print copies available, we’re hoping it becomes YOUR Lucky Day, more often than not…

BUT: The check-out period for this collection is 1 week and the daily overdue fine is .25 ¢ / day !
Lucky-Day Books are designed for fast turnaround! Books in this collection are not renewable and patrons are restricted to only 1 Lucky Day item at a time.

There’s also No holds! -for these titles, assuring they’ll be back on the shelf, ready to be snatched. If you come in and see one of these titles on the shelf it will be YOUR LUCKY DAY!

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