Book Bits (The first week of 2013)

It’s a new year, and I’m glad to be here…(…working the Circulation Desk at the Ferndale Public Library). Looking forward to 2013.

What’s in the (book-)-news?

Author Warren Adler took to the Huffington Post Book

Blog recently to pose the grandiose question/challenge: “What Classics Will Our Century Produce?”

…Categories and subcategories abound!!

If you stick around on HuffPo, subsequently, you can read a revised/revisited obituary for Political Writer / Activist / Radical Historian Howard Zinn, penned by John Tirman. 


f-i-11-01-chain-and-the-gangMeanwhile, cogitative and charmingly-confrontational music-historian / talk-show-host / gospel-punk singer Ian Svenonius has a new book out; Supernatural Strategies for making a Rock n’ Roll Group follows-up his 2006 musical-manifesto The Psychic Soviet. “…creating a rock ‘n’ roll group, like making a fancy meal, hasn’t anything to do with superstitions. …

'Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Band'

It’s just a matter of applying scientific know-how in a systematic and controlled manner.” 

The book has been described as part instructional guide for wide-eyed up-and-comers curious about all the expected / potential pitfalls dotting the road between “Sex, Drugs, Sound, Group-Photos,” how to take care of “The Van,” and “Manufacturing Nostalgia.”

More info from Akashic Books/Records.  an indispensable guide for a new generation just aching to boogie.


What Are You Doing Here?While you’re here… Interested in more music-books?

NPR’s book-site shared this intriguing profile of author Laina Dawes, a black woman obsessed with Judas Priest. She penned a memoir What Are You Doing Here? -“A Black Woman’s Life & Liberation through Heavy Metal”  

When “connecting” with your fellow fans is an uphill battle…



More book/literary-issues regarding women, then?

Let’s go across the pond – to an article posted by the TelegraphUK – regarding the recent awarding of the Costa Awards (for authors in Great Britain and Ireland).

“Costa Prize: Women rule the literary world, so why the focus on men?”

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