Year-End Lists

These things, the year-end-lists, are always inevitable… (…I even made one for my forthcoming Ferndale Patch picks…)

Detroit’s wing of the Huffington Post compiled this list:

Detroit Books Published 2012Detroit Books Published In 2012, From Sports History To Literary Fiction – The thoughtful list includes one of my top-3-favorite books published this year (for what its’ worth) Detroit City is The Place To Be – as well as works covering General Motors, Belle Isle and a Western-genre set in ol’ Wayne County.

Westerns or Local-loving lore not your thing?

Science fiction and fantasy of the year -compliments of The Telegraph I either missed-out-on or do-not-recognize-at-all a majority of these picks, though I did hear great things about author China Miéville.


Switching to Music: NPR‘s Book site linked me over to:

How Music WorksStaff Picks: Our Favorite Music Books Of 2012 – This list includes the must-read ‘How Music Works’ by the inimitable David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) as well as the sure-to-be-esoteric but engaging biography of dark-quirked-neo-folk fable-weaver Bonnie “Prince” Billy.


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