Did You Know? (Re: YOU & Your Public Library)

I can’t tell you how often I hear the phrase: -Oh, I keep meaning to come into the library…

Wait… You haven’t been here in how long? Has AMAZON or some other nifty mobile digi-device distracted you?

Are you aware of all the culturally-enriching pursuits, be they leisurely or literary, mind-expanding or mind-escaping, reference or recreation, offered to you -here, in this all-too-reliable brick-and-mortar temple-of-texts? Not to mention the refreshing human interaction you can enjoy with us, your affable tenders and facilitators of said-galaxy-of-knowledge-edifying utilities.

If we don’t own what you’re looking for – then I’m sure another library in our cooperative does…(yes, you have access to 60-other-libraries, WITH YOUR LIBRARY CARD).

How can we help?

Need a suggestion of what to read (or watch) next? Try us…

Need help on the next big research project assigned to you from school or college, this semester? Talk to our librarians.

We’re here, diligent at our desk-sets, ready to guide and provide!

Try us…

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