E-Books and Indie-Books

In recent years, the start of the holiday shopping season has meant nothing but gloom for independent bookstores. But this year,

That’s right! NPR’s Book site is propping the good news from last weekend’s Black-Friday / Cyber Monday shopping blitz:

Independent Bookstores Find Their Footing!

and HuffPo ran images of President Obama “shopping small” over the weekend at, yes, an independent bookstore!

It’s that time of year… Gifts! The promenade of procuring gifts from stores (with necessary receipts) for loved ones. That’s never the case with libraries – as the treasures found in our walls must always be returned.

There is one thing, though, concerning us this season: The rise in popularity of E-Reader Devices.

The Daily Telegraph’s Tech Review featured this yesterday: 

Best e-readers for Christmas: from tablets such as the iPad Mini and Nexus 7, to the Kobo Mini and Nook Simple Touch, we review the top five e-readers available today.

…Because, once you buy your mom or dad that E-reader… or, say, you find one in your very own stocking, you can then use said-E-Reading device to check out library books! Digitzed versions, albeit… in the form of Adobe Publisher files.

Check at the Circulation Desk for more information, (or start browsing via our E-book/Audiobook service: OverDrive).

…on a slightly related note:

Writer/author John Schwartz explored the rewards reaped when writers record their own audiobooks, in the New York Times Review of Books -with listens-into the works of Tina Fey and Paul (Pee-Wee Herman) Reubens.

Winter reading…

BattlebornNPR’s Book site compiled a list of short-story suggestions for weekend-readers this Winter season. Not surprisingly, the inimitable Alice Munro makes the list, among a few surprises. 





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