National Book Awards (PLUS: Hemingway’s Cocktails & the Babysitter’s Club

[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]National Book Awards were last night ~here’s some bookbytes from the regulars:

HuffPo: National Book Award 2012 Winners

New York Times: Novel About Racial Injustice Wins National Book Award

Los Angeles Times: David Ferry wins for poetry and ‘Goblin Secrets’ wins Young People’s Literature.

and – The Guardian: The Round House, about a Native American woman subjected to an assault, beats novels by Dave Eggers and Junot Díaz

~Did these books make your own personal –best of 2012 lists?


In other curious / quirky book-related news:

Philip Greene has an insightful slideshow on preferred imbibing recipes of an iconic author, posted on HuffPo-books: Hemingway’s Favorite Cocktail Recipes – 

a shrewd study of Hemingway’s cocktail clues littered throughout his books was conducted by Greene, who compiled his findings for his book: To Have and Have Another.

Remember back when I linked to some stories on the new album by psychedelic-folk-re-inventor Beck Hanson?

-The Song Reader album was available as sheet music… Pretentious or over-conceptual? Perhaps – but then, isn’t that sorta just-up-the-alley for some fare from The New Yorker? It follows then, that New Yorker staffers (and one cartoonist) got together and played Beck’s new song “Old Shanghai.”

^…follow along, it’s fun!
[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]I can’t tell if this is charming in a retro kinda way or not… I don’t know which way is up when I try applying folksier old coming-of-age type experiences to this digi-post-Internet-world we live in… Like: do we even have baby-sitters anymore? Let alone clubs?

The Guardian reports on this quaint generational transition: The Baby-Sitters Club is back in business – as ebooks


Speaking of E-BOOKS… (Have you acquainted yourself with our OverDrive services yet? You can check-out E-books with your Library Card, if you didn’t know yet… Explore here. (or ask about it at the FPL Circulation Desk)).

And speaking even further on E-BOOKS: Here’s an interesting read from the Los Angeles Times: -Expounding upon a Slate story that questioned whether reading digitally is distinctly different from reading the printed word… That “reading” isn’t just something we do with our brains, but also with our bodies… Weird, eh?

Indeed… so, then, in the same sense: Is E-reading (the same) as Reading?


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One Response to National Book Awards (PLUS: Hemingway’s Cocktails & the Babysitter’s Club

  1. Thanks for sharing this books! I can include this on my list. I love reading different kinds of books.

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