Remember Remember – Alan Moore Occupies Music

Alan Moore, sanctified scribe of the Graphic Novel genre, has shown solidarity with the UK arm of the Occupy Protest movement (the same movement that co-opted the iconic Guy-Fawkes-mask from the author’s V for Vendetta to make their statement) by way of a recently released song titled “Decline of English Murder…”
-The Guardian(UK) reports… Alan Moore debut single released by Occupation Records

This is fitting (if unintended) timing on Moore’s part, considering this is the day of observance: Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Guy Fawkes DayBonfire Night and Firework Night… for the famous fall-guy for a plot to destroy the House of Lords.

Listen to Moore’s Occupy-inspired song here.


Welp… Election Day is upon us… and BuzzFeed offered a way to find out What Your Favorite Books and Authors say about your Politics… 

We’ve got a better, less Facebook-preachy way for you to enrich your civic knowledge/engagement via the printed word: our new politics-display -special for Election week.



The Eighteen-Day Running MateAnd in other election-week-related Book immersions – NPR recently posted: 6 Book Stories That’ll Cast The Election In New Light to offer new ways of looking at the story behind historical elections.

And by the way… …have you checked out our new hyper-helpful kiosk?

Seeing Red: The Power of Color in Art

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