Best Books + Genres for Swing States

There’s no way it’s almost Thanksgiving-already! !?? Year-end lists for readers-looking-to-catch-up-on-titles-they-missed are already starting to sprout throughout the Internet…

…here’s PW Weekly’s Best Books of 2012
Across the pond, the UK’s Guardian Book site is looking at our own Presidential Election, here in the states American writers go to the polls–John Dugdale on how to read the literary genres as swing-states

Writes Dugdale: “Republican PJ Rourke clashing with Democrat David Sedaris, while Mitt Romney-supporting, wizard-fixated Terry Goodkind is the best conservatives can manage in fantasy fiction to take on Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin, who breaks off from working on his bloody, sexy sagas to dash off furious anti-Republican blogs…”

In other news: esteemed environmentalist / activist / reporter Bill McKibbin is covering Hurricane Sandy online via the New York Review of Books’ A Grim Warning from Science

But then, in less-grim, less-meteorologic news -more concerned with the current state (and hotly debated future of) the Publishing Industry – The Bookseller is reporting more on the massive merger of Penguin and Random House (from late last week): Penguin Random House: Supergroup to redefine trade

Finally,… Yesterday, the New York Times ran a feature on the The Columbia Records Story – (“Princeton historian Sean Wilentz, which will be published this week by Chronicle Books. A related exhibition at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles opens on Nov. 7….”) Now Slate‘s book site is running this awesome slide show…The Birth of 33⅓~~How Columbia Records won the battle of the speeds. Plus: Rare photos of Aretha, Streisand, Sinatra, and more.
Slate Book Review


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