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Some intriguing Book-related internet-readings from the day…

HuffPost Books provides us with:

Why Ebooks Are Inspiring A New Age Of Print

Andrew Losowsky writes… “…Enduring physical presence is no small thing in an age when information appears on a screen, then changes, evolves, and maybe even disappears….”

While you’re over at HuffPost Books – check this out…

Harry Houdini Shares How To Pick Pockets In New Book

…interestingly enough, the famous magician’s last show was performed in Detroit – right around Halloween of 1926. Rumor has it that a fan wanted to test Mr. Houdini’s magical might by seeing if he could withstand “any” punch and snuck up on the artist with what some considered a “sucker-punch.” The resulting ruptured spleen lead to his untimely death, inside a Detroit hospital, right on the already-mystical-date of Halloween. Just an FYI…

Anyways… if you click over to the New York Times’ Books-site –

From One Mine, the Gold of Pop History –“360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story,” a book by the Princeton historian Sean Wilentz, which will be published this week by Chronicle Books…”

Turns out Columbia actually got started selling Thomas Edison’s phonographs and phonograph cylinders way back in the 1880’s…

Need some recommendations? Are our personal staff picks provided (weekly-)- in the Ferndale Patch not enough for ya? Well… with the weather dipping down this week (and our clocks “falling-back” for the colder months ahead, starting Sunday) it looks like the Guardian’s Book Blog – is right on time for these personal prescriptions…

Site-reader recommendations for good Winter readingpage-turners to help you through those long winter evenings…



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