Debate: Mantel repeats Booker Prize

Watched the Debates?

Everyone’s all a-twitter about the Presidential campaign this week… Mad-swift meme’s and tumblrs flared up across the internet to chide the candidates articulated antics…

Meanwhile – in Book World – we’re remarking over a rare instance – a repeat-win of the Man Booker Prize… (And, no, that shouldn’t sound like an excitement-deflation…We can’t help it–we’re bookworms!)

But anyhow–English novelist Hilary Mantel has done it again… Bring Up The Bodies, the 2nd book of her ongoing Thomas Cromwell Trilogy, has won -matching the honor of last year’s Wolf Hall.

HuffPost has the news: ~ ~ “This year’s Booker saw a conscious effort to refocus on so-called ‘serious’ literature after the 2011 panel were accusing of dumbing down the prize by repeatedly referring to ‘readability’.

Well… given that she’d already one the thing last year made her the automatic “front-runner;” so the bookworm-twitter-sphere (or at least most snarky blog-commentators) were quick to drop suggestions that this award’s getting a bit “…predictable.”


Tiring of the Man Booker?

You can always turn to the Guardian(UK)’s alternative book-list: Not-The-Booker: “Sam Jordison leads a hunt by readers of the Guardian books blog to find the year’s best book, which may – or may not – tally with the assessment of the Man Booker prize judges”

This year’s winner:  Tales From The Mall -by Ewan Morrison -(from GoodReads: Fashion. Food Courts. Lingerie. Fire Bombing. Suicide. Free Parking. Welcome to the Mall.

Why would one woman threaten to kill another for a pair of discounted shoes? Why are cross-dressers drawn to mall car parks? What do impulse buys have to do with rioting? And why are market research companies hiding the truth from us?

Then again– if you’re interested in more LOCAL picks… The Ferndale Public Library offers weekly suggestions via the Patch – tune-in…

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