Geek Breakdown

And so… our “Geek” campaign winds down.

We’d set out to spread awareness of the vital role Libraries play, day in and day out, for their communities. By way of encouraging patrons/readers to declare: What-they-Geek -we communicated that your interests/hobbies/passions are important to you –

The thing is: your Public Library is the best, most sensible, service for you to, not only ameliorate your standing in the job market, bolster your education/literacy or help introduce you to likeminded neighbors via various interactive/thought-provoking programming but also to enrich your cultural occupations; a serene, mind-expanding bit of escapism.

Funding your Public Libraries, then, is vital!

Just read up on recent reports conducted by the esteemed OCLC – a diligent/supportive ot for profit computer service and research organization and connector of the world’s libraries and online…

  • Most public library staff:
    • Are focusing their priorities on Internet access, demonstrating value to funders and delivering e-content
    • Further concentrating on e-books as their top current initiative
    • Embracing social media

ALSO from OCLC’s recent studies:

  • Library funding support is only marginally related to library visitation

It’s important, OCLC found, to appreciate your Library as a “transformational” force – not merely an “informational” source.
We’re access hubs! We’re community centers!

more info:

Your support is supremely appreciated, Ferndale!

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