E-Readers READING-You / plus: Independent Booksellers “Week” and Teen Author Skype (7.10)


So Much Book News this afternoon:


First, let’s get into the whole digital-versus-print-thing again, as I often do:

USA Today online ~ Discussing Fahrenheit 451 and literature in the digital age: “John Green on why books beat any iPad app”

Meanwhile, Josie Leavett via Publisher’s Weekly blogged: “Another Reason Not to Get an E-Reader” Opining how eerie it is that your E-Reader is essentially watching you read, studying your habits and preferences. Imagine a robot watching you eat, or your bed taking notes on your nuanced toss-and-turns… Your page-turning is being: *”…logged and sifted over” by your e-reader. *”Honestly, I’m not surprised that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are poring over the data about how people read on their e-reader….”


So then:
Do you shop local? Like, all the way-local? Even when you’re book-shopping? We’ve got some great Independent Book shops around town, if you’re diligent enough to dig around: like Book Beat in Oak Park or Lo & Behold (Records & Books, seen^above) down in Hamtramck.

Did you know this was Independent Booksellers Week? …Well, now you do! At least, over in England they’re celebrating. We could learn a thing or two! ~~Anyhoo, funny thing they’ve found through scholarly studies – it seems one key for Indie-Book dealer’s survival in these doom-ish economic times is serving up some biscotti and bagels. Yes, make space for the coffee-sippers and you’re store becomes at least 3% more appealing. From The Bookseller: “Sales higher in bookshops with cafés”


Summer Reading continues here at FPL! Have you been reading and submitting your titles? Wanna participate? Check-in at the Circulation Desk, Reference Desk or Kids Corner for info on potential prizes and special programming. Coming up next, for teen readers, we’ll have an Author visiting us via Skype:

July 10 Tuesday @ 6:30 pm in the Community Room ***New York Times and USA Best Selling author Simone Elkeles’ (The Perfect Chemistry trilogy, The How to Ruin series, Leaving Paradise and Return to Paradise).


*In the meantime, there’s even more Summer Reading to keep up on…NPR Books looks beyond the big bestsellers and seeks out titles and authors who’ve flown under our collective radar, so far this season: Lesser-Known Lit: Seeking Summer’s Hidden Gems

And, finally – Everyone’s a twitter-over the unveiling of the cover of Potter-progenitor J.K. Rowling’s forthcoming adult-literature book “The Casual Vacancy” Wow…pretty demure-sounding title…makes all the whimsical fireworks of past Potter titles sound even louder.


Click here for more info on Lo&Behold, an ambitious, inspiring and groovy little shop that also doubles as HQ for poet/musician Richie Wohlfiel’s indie Publishing Company – this month, in-store, he’s featuring four new titles (some featuring local authors). Check their facebook page for other intriguing updates, including live-in-store concerts and “free mixes”.

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