Inside|Out / Detroit Elvis / Serializing-on-Facebook

More book news surveying the publishing industries triumphs-and-travails in negotiating its own digital-friendly perseverance

Libraries Cut E-Book Deal With Penguin via – Wall Street Journal – Penguin, part of the “big 4”-who happen to hold their e-book titles from being available through libraries, (along with Harper Collins), is deciding to test the waters with two substantial New York Library Systems via a a one-year pilot deal.

Meanwhile, Publisher’s Weekly reports:
On Harper Collins’ new strategy of putting the book into Facebook by serializing-to-Facebookers and measuring the “likes” they get for each author’s excerpts. – App To Push Excerpts On Facebook  

And in eye-rolling book-news: The BookSeller reports:
E.L. James’ Husband turns YA Novelist –which sounds foreboding only when one considers that this gentleman’s wife penned the scoffing-ly / collar-loosening-ly / blush-inducing “phenomenon” called Fifty Shades of Grey.


What’s really cool, though, is that the Detroit Institute of Arts is installing reproductions of selected masterpieces from its collection inside FPL – framed in a new display section down the front-east hallway. This summertime program (now in its third year) is called Inside|Out – “…surprising and delighting residents of the participating communities….”

–Detroit Elvis (Summer Concert Series)

And what’s even cooler is that we have The King, himself (or, rather, a talented tribute/impersonator) performing at the end of July via our Summer Concert Series.

Detroit Elvis (performing artist Greg Jaqua) brings “Tribute To The King” to FPL on July 23rd, 6:30 pm. (Video: Bridge Over Troubled Water“)

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