Readers First

Read about The ReadersFirst initiative via new-media library site the Digital Shift: 

“Top Libraries in U.S. and Canada Issue Statement Demanding Better Ebook Services”

Go librarians, go…fighting to ensure patrons have “open, easy and free access to ebooks that they have come to rely on with physical books…”

~ In Book News:
Sharp Objects author Gillian Flynn’s latest came out today – Gone Girl has already been tagged by TIME Magazine as a Must-Read for this summer  – further perspectives can be gained by’s review.

Later this month, writer and McSweeney’s publisher/editor Dave Eggers will release his first proper full length fiction novel in 10 years titled A Hologram For The King -and Paste has the scoop.

For local interest – Eggers, it should be noted, is also the co-founder of the literacy project 826 Valencia – something that Michigan has its own chapter of -826 Michigan – a non-profit writing/tutorship program for students grade 6-18 -boosting creative and expository writing skills, and providing help to teachers in inspiring their students to write.

Huh…kinda went off on a tangent there. But, maybe it still works since: a.) I wanted you to specially know about 826Michigan (if you hadn’t yet) and b.) Eggers, himself, has been a writer tagged (or teased) for his characteristically tangential style.

So there you go.

In unrelated and disconcerting news – Conservative groups are up in arms over DC Comics’ superhero Green Lantern coming out of the closet. The GuardianUK reports: Conservative lobby One Million Moms launches campaign against DC Comics and Marvel’s inclusion of homosexual characters

They do know there’s comic book characters like The Punisher who use an armory of guns and bullets to shoot his way to justice, right?

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