Dad Books, Detective Books, Dystopia Books, Disputed–(e)-Books

On the paternal side of Book News:

GoodReads’ blog compiled a list of “2012 books that are especially popular among men…” -a catch-all prep/recommendation list for Father’s Day books

And then the NY Times‘ book-site has their own extension of that theme: “Gentlemen, Start Your Kindles”


Then, on the maternal side…er, somewhat
– there’s this eye-catching headline from Slate:

“The future of reproductive rights, as seen in three young adult novels” -Included in this feature (which showcases titles and authors following in the Handmaiden Tales-esque vein of Margaret Atwood), we’re previewed to one such novel, Eve –setting a dystopic future where America’s population is decimated by a new virus and women become “Sows” – Striking a Brave New World-ian theme, America needs “…children. The healthiest children they can find … or make.”

While you’re snooping around for Summer Reading suggestions, NPR books would recommend you get a clue and scan your over-accentuated magnifying glass over the dusty-yet-altogether-intriguing Mystery section:
5 New Mysteries Return To The Scene Of The Crime

And, for that matter, who is going to solve the mystery of major book publishers “colluding” with Amazon over accused “price-fixing” in these days of ever-burgeoning E-books’ sales. (from the GuardianUK: “Publishers hit back vigorously against accusations of ebook price-fixing

“Penguin and Macmillan reject US department of justice claim that they colluded with Apple to thwart price competition”

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