First Stop Friday – Grumble and Black Flea

You never know what might happen at FPL’s First Stop Friday live music series.

One performance saw a punk-rock/-hip-hop melding MC rolling around on our humble carpets, while another show had a funk-flared dance collective cajoling three dozen people massed into our community room to “get down,” literally, onto the floor…for the quieter bridge of one of their songs (…we all got back up pretty quick and started dancing).

Illustration: Steve Gamburd / Photo: Patricia O’Blenes

Another of my favorite instances involved local artist / musician Steve Gamburd staking out a front row seat to April’s performance by Songs From The Moon – and committing a live-sketched portrait onto his notepad, within a 10 minute burst as the band blurred through an inspired  set of quirky blends of punk, rag and arena-rock-esque pop songs. Gamburd also performed at FPL recently, part of Superbomb.

THIS WEEK – the excitement continues! June 1st – our doors open at 6:30 pm with music starting around 7.

Come take in the first show of a new band called Grumble along with Black Flea: Make the library the first stop of your music-filled weekend! Two great local bands, one free, early show

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