Bookish Björk keeps it (mostly) oh-so-quiet

Just heard about this from Yesterday…

Björk, New York Public Library, Children’s Museum of Manhattan team up to offer learning program for kids…. via the New York Daily News. The Electronica/ambio-rave-drone Goddess demonstrated the potential of her most recent iPad-app-utilizing album, Biophilia for engaging educational experiences. Mind expanding music, to be sure.

Her latest was partly recorded using the now innocuous tablet – and, according to Wikipedia is: “the world’s “first app album” in collaboration with Apple. Björk has described the project as a multimedia collection “encompassing music, apps, Internet, installations, and live shows…” 

The App, as NY Daily’s Marty Twelves reports, involves “instruction in musical and scientific principles — from rhythm and counterpoint to lunar effects on the tides and tectonic plate movement.”’s tech site BetaBeat also reported on the icy, esoteric Icelandic singer’s hope to “teach kids music and science through summer programs at the New York Public Library and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan” – but, they admitted they had to: “Resist Asking Björk to Play Scrabble”

While I’m dorking-out on Bjork (her first four albums played quite a formidable role in shaping my tastes/sensibilities as a MusichHead) – I’d recommend you bookworms click over to hipster-indie-music blog Stereogum and sample a compilation they’ve been streaming celebrating her album Post’s 15 year anniversary. (Cover songs from the likes of the Liars and High Places.)

Stereogum Comp: “…Enjoyed

Listen/sample: The Dirty Projectors “Hyper Ballad” –

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