Book Lust

FPL Staffers Kelly Bennett and Darlene Hellenberg fluttered hot-and-bothered chuckles as they  passed me the latest glossy issue of GQ, adorned (really, there is no other word when considering the subject) by rising dangerously debonair leading man Michael Fassbender… (Such blush-inducing photos inside)… Leave it to me to flip to the middle and find the Gentlemen’s Quarterly Literarycoverage.

They have two spotlights this month, one on the latest from Richard Ford (author of the Frank Bascombe novels,) titled Canada, in which our teen-protagonist tries to find his way through the starkness of Saskatchewan, detached into the unforgiving world already by two parents-turned-bankrobbers and a twin sister who abandons him to save herself.

But also, GQ, just like any other politico-blog around the Internet this week, took a peak into some particularly indicting conspiracy-theory-spurring passages from David Maraniss’ “big,” “exhaustive” Birther-craszed biography on President Barack Obama. – The Daily Beast also squeezed out the “juciest” bits for you.


And then, for something completely different… It was just a week ago that the New Yorker magazine officially launched its new literary blog: The Page Turner and I’ve been turning to it (clicking back to it) all week for insightful updates, essays, criticism and book-news. This week they’re expounding upon the History of the Audio-Book – “The Pleasures of Being Read-To”


Not any big news, today-anyway, to report, FPL-wise. But stay tuned: we’ve got big announcements coming concerning our SUMMER READING programming.


In the meantime, as it’s just part of that time o’ the year -for online culture blogs and news-zines to post “summer reading lists” for curious book browsers, NPR, in tow, has featured another list of recommendations from super Librarian and Book Lust author Nancy Pearl.

This is a list of mostly new titles (but some old – particularly one preserved and re-published via her recently launched Rediscoveries series), but, most notably, Pearls’ latest list isn’t one that caters to the hot new titles, she goes for more unconventional selections.

But who needs Pearl? We’ve got more suggestions than we know what to do with, live–in person, at the Library. Come check out our latest display on famous literary dystopias! Have a reading party like it’s 1-9-8-4!

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