Power of Knowledge

First, let’s get this bit o’ funnies- out of the way…
Many of you probably spotted it in this weekend’s Detroit News / Free Press – you’ll have to indulge us library-folk as we geek-out over it with a bit of (charming?) smugness.

While we’ve got your attention – I should remind you that we will not-be-open on Friday, May 18th.

The library will be CLOSED for a staff in-sevice day.

We’re learning to serve you better… and to be the better stewards of “the power of knowledge.”

Book drops will be open (for items that are due on that day) and we will be checking things in…







In other news:

Reference Librarian Susan Paley pointed me in the direction of a recent article in the Los Angeles Times reacting to (and espousing upon) the, err, eye-catching cover image on this week’s TIME Magazine… you-know, the one about breast-feeding… The controversy its stirred led writer Rene Lynch to ask: “”Who Says Print Is Dead?”” –

A magazine expert is quoted in said-story challenging one to recall the last time a printed media outlet dominated such attention for something that wasn’t a dramatic breaking-news-event.

More literary insights from the world wide web:

Open Letters Monthly explores the possibility: Can Poetry be bad for you? In which we explore the chilling effects of experiencing notably-melancholic writer Sylvia Plath’s Ariel and completing the difficult voyage of that collection’s dark seas could render any permanent damage to the reader. Other gloomy (“demonic”) works are dissected as well…


Also – we encourage you to take a minute or two to take the Ferndale Public Library survey

Your feedback is important in helping the library’s strategic planning.

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