Book News (& be advised: we’re closed May 18)

“Luddites can take comfort in the persistence of vinyl records, postcards, and photographic film. The paper book will likewise survive, but its place in the culture will change significantly….”

Michael Argesta of Slate explores what a reader’s world is like as we endure the end of the printed-book-as we know it. Books as interpretive objects, their tangibility’s effect upon one’s experience of the story… “How their design will evolve in the age of the Kindle.”

Speaking of technological-advancements-beyond-the-word-on-the-printed-page?? -> Have you acquainted yourself with OverDrive yet? Even if you don’t have an E-Reading “device,” you can still download audiobooks in MP3-formats for your iPod or your standard MP3-player (or even your Windows Media player program on your home-set desktop).

Ferndale Library patrons can access downloadable-/-borrowable e-books via our media content provider, said-Overdrive.(See, instead of “checking-out” books, you download them, and instead of worrying about the books coming back for “check-in” they return themselves, i.e., the “file” just deletes itself from your Nook or Kindle…) Wow… what a sentence that was, just there, no wonder printed-books (those pre-Victorian curiosities) are fluttering away.

In other news:

The library will be CLOSED on
Friday, May 18 for a staff in-sevice day.

We’re learning to serve you better!

Book drops will be open.

Looking for more book recommendations? Look no further than Newsweek & the Daily Beast – who just featured an interview with author Hilary Mantel on the recent publication of Bring Up The Bodies –a second part to her Man Booker-prize winning Wolf Hall – the middle part of her ongoing “macabre Tudor trilogy…”

The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown has regular Book recommendations featured on NPR’S Morning Edition -and this week’s theme is “resistance” – Read on.


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