Comic Book (Movies) “changing storytelling?”

Is this some kind of pinnacle? The part where we zoom to close to the sun and burn out, when we blow up so much scenery that we’re left with not much left to stand on? The barrel-bin of complimentary (and quality-competitive) super villains having been scraped-clean from the bottom?

The Avengers hit theaters last week and, indeed, Hulk hath Smasheth all the big box office records. The world, it appears, is still in love with comic book heroes. (And quite lucrative for Disney, indeed – as Publisher’s Weekly reports: “Marvel and Disney Assemble Avengers Tie-Ins“)

And the trend of bringing “uncanny” mutant-like / extraordinary / rocket-propelled / mega-fighters to the big cinemas doesn’t seem to be going away: i09 recently attempted rating “10 Best Comic Book Movies of All Time” – (They have the gull to put the brand new, big, noisy Avengers up at # 2 – but the credibility to put the stunning Akira at # 3).

When I got out of the theater, having seen it, my first instinct was to scoff, satirically and quip: “The book was better!” But that’s a moot point… And, frankly, a nuanced point, considering how many books there are that comprise the “Marvel Universe” within which the Avengers do all their explosive avenging…

Comic Book Resources ran an insightful piece centering around this: The Avengers, comics and the evolution of storytelling”

Of course, in public libraries, we refer to them often as “graphic novels.”But then, went on to declare: “The Avengers “Changed Storytelling””

The N.J. Star-Register recently asked “is there any deserving character who hasn’t gotten his own series yet?” via On Film: A surplus of superheroes – Even if the answer is: “No…” -the worry seems to be… what then…what then will we turn to when we start running out of comic-books?

That’s right – board games!

Anyway… (Could you tell my own reaction to Avengers was lukewarm? I know, I know, and I’m in the minority on that…) But, on a lighter note –

USA Today recently reported on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY-Justice League writer Geoff Johns details the recent publication of DC Comics’ (the main Marvel rival) new book The New 52.


And so, after all the Avenger-hub-bub this weekend, the Huffington Post couldn’t help but wonder – since young readers seem so apt at absorbing content delivered in the comic-format, perhaps consider experimenting with Comics Instead of Textbooks?


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