Tax the King / new Toni Morrison / can Fiction be good for you?

If you’ve got neurotic tendencies, like me–then you tend to put books down, sometimes, due to the fact that you’re likely stressing over how much time you’re… well, to be blunt, wasting… Indeed, as the Boston Globe notes, we do spend a lot of time reading books, fiction particularly – non-historical romps, free of scientific fact, intellectual/philosophical ruminations or even the tiniest of insightful tidbits… (Yes, I know there are exceptions – 1984, Tale of Two Cities, Grapes of Wrath…all the stuff you read in school). But, mostly, our preferred fiction reading is just, let’s face it, escapism. “Why Is Fiction Good For You…?” Find out.


New books out this week by big names in modern fiction – master of character studies and social commentary Toni Morrison – and the “king” of modern literary supernatural/suspense novels, Stephen King (the latter recently wrapping a continuation of his popular Dark Tower series).

New York Magazine features an interview, this month, with Morrison: Who Is the Author of Toni Morrison?

King’s veritable heir apparent (and highly talented supernatural story-spinner in his own right) is Neil Gaiman, (author of the Graphic Novel Sandman series as well as this months’ Book Parties selected author of Stardust–up for discussion, May 17th at the Emory in Ferndale)…and, not to mention, a staff-wide favorite, here at FPL.

Gaiman recently posted in interview he conducted with King on his website. –from Neil – an interview with Stephen King

Meanwhile, King made headlines yesterday, on May Day, (otherwise known as International Workers’ Rights Day), when he commented upon the recent resurgence of the Occupy/99% movements across the country (and the world). Read all about his expletive-hinting rant via the Daily Beast, in which he “scolds the super rich”

Forbes contributor Tim Worstall found it very amusing.


And on a somewhat random, if still interesting -and, just barely literary-related note:

Girl born with no hands wins national penmanship award

Have you seen yourownhandwriting, lately? Oh the ravages upon our curly signatures and scribbled communique- thus wrought by the age of texting on smart-phones and keeping in touch via iPads… Where penmanship has degraded so low that some communities want to reinforce it’s instruction in early education.

Does handwriting have a place in today’s tech-driven classrooms?

For more community news and event programming – stay tuned to the Ferndale Public Library’s main site…

Coming tomorrow – another edition of our Ferndale-Library-Staff-Recommends series, on the Ferndale Patch site – featuring Reference Librarian Darlene Hellenberg.

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