Happy Birthday Batman

Batman turns 73 this week. The caped crusader, the dark knight, and, let’s face it, deep-down, everybody‘s truly “favorite” comic book hero (who needs The Avengers?), debut in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939.

Batman, Bruce Wayne, has come a long way since being thought up by the now legendary Bob Kane, from camp, to cool, dark to daring, avant-garde adventure series to multimedia empire. Batman’s gone from Kane’s pen and morphed into cheap plastic action figures, adapted into countless TV series (see below), both live-action and animated, and ten major motion pictures (the most recent, 2008’s The Dark Knight is among the top 5 highest grossing films of all time…and in this writer’s humble opinion, possibly the greatest comic-book-movie-ever made).

Bats off to ya, Bob Kane. The Ferndale Public Library is celebrating with a special Batman-themed display, featuring all (if not most-of) the Batman-spawned material (graphic novels, DVDs and animated shorts for younger viewers) in our collection. (Thanks Lindsey).

Swing on by…

Musing on The Avengers -that jam-packed roster of godlike-heroes, perhaps it’d be a good month to return to the writings of Joseph Campbell? – The hero with a thousand faces

Or maybe Campbell is a bit heady for you, right now…

Well, then, consider Neil Gaiman, king of gothic-supernatural-wit-and-wonder, and his book Stardust… This book is May’s reading club selection for our “Book Parties @ the Emory…”

We’ll meet on May 17th around 7pm – this ain’t your mother’s book club – -The Emory is located at 22700 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale

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