Community Conversations – First Stop – “on demand printing”-battle

In the news:
Sounds epic and potentially foreboding…
Amazon vs. Publishers: The Book Battle Continues read about the online retail giant’s “industrial strength printer” in its latest “efficiency-increasing” enterprise via “on-demand printing…” and its effects upon the recently-rattled publishing industry via Bloomberg. Such a melodrama playing out over printed books…even the U.S. Department of Justice has gotten involved…

…Well…all that noise aside…

A new month (May) a new installment in the First Stop Friday’s series…

On May 4th, come enjoy the neo-psyche/surf-punk grooves of Detroit quartet Mexican Knives – our doors open at 6:30pm with Free music starting around 7pm.

Here’s a sample of their sounds (though the band’s personnel has shifted since this video – their sound’s probably shifted a bit as well) –
More Mexican Knives info

I wanted to let you know about an upcoming Community Conversation that the Ferndale Library is hosting, partnered with Ferndale Area Chamber and Ferndale Public Schools – the topic: Education in Michigan.

about the future of education in our state, sponsored by The Center for Michigan.

Community meetings just like this are happening all over Michigan. Make sure your voice is heard. For more information, call The Center for Michigan at 734-769-4625 or visit

RSVP: email (reference May 8)
Community Conversations are presented by The Center for Michigan, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, non-partisan organization working throughout the state to amplify the voices of ordinary citizens and find common ground solutions for a more prosperous future.
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