World Book Night -and more news

Busy day in book world! Busy day in the Ferndale Library, for that matter…and it’s only just Monday.

But, still, we had an even busier day yesterday… on Sunday, when the Friends of the Ferndale Library and the Society de Sant Jordi hosted The Day of Books & Roses. What a great turn out! Thanks for swinging by, Ferndale.

But, as you read this, it’s either Tuesday morning…or, perhaps, Tuesday afternoon. Apparently, last night was “World Book Night?”

  • World Book Night in NYC -via Publisher’s Weekly — That’s right…a hip-lit head shin-dig that author Anna Quindlen deemed “intellectual Halloween” – Learn more from World Book Night’s site and let us daydream about starting some of that energy up around our own town. (In fact, we may be closer than I/we think, considering this weeks’ partnership between Barnes & Noble Books and the FPL – stop in at the Circulation Desk to find out how you can help out your local library the next time you go shopping…)

World Book Night, through social media and traditional publicity, will also promote the value of reading, of printed books, and of bookstores and libraries to everyone year-round.” –more info.

Indeed… So check this out, then– Come get a Barnes & Noble Book Fair slip from the Circulation Desk, each has it’s own unique code–when you present that code during the check-out of your next shopping trip through Royal Oak’s Barnes & Noble, 15% of the sales comes back to help us build our circulating collection of Fiction/Non-Fic/Children’s/Audiobooks/CDs and DVDs



  • In Childrens’ Literature News: How many of us out there have both a.) read Charlotte’s Web? and, b.) have it labeled in their memories as being: “cherished…” – Well, if you’re me, than neither, but that shouldn’t make me a bad person. Still, though, since this week marks an anniversary for the story of a charming and humble farm pig and his savvy spider mentor, maybe I’ll pick it up, finally…

Some Book–Celebrating 60 Years of ‘Charlotte’s Web’-via NYTimes Sunday Book Review

  • Parents…or librarians dorking out on their lunch breaks or those of us just feeling nostalgic – might want to click over to NPR’s site to peruse: The Artistry Of ‘Children’s Picturebooks’ Revealed -via NPR Books‘ Staff – – Kudos must be given to the collection management of Youth Services Librarian Jillean McCommons, she has a keen eye for selecting some of the most staggeringly illustrated (and engaging/educational) picture books and easyreader material – Two particular notables (among a hundred or so new additions) includes Nikki McClure‘s mesmeric “To Market To Market” and sweet, simple, yet dazzling “More” by I.C. Springman-– illustrated by Brian Lies.


  • Here’s a new title recently added to FPL’s collection as well as on bookstands everywhere, concerning the ever-intriguing subject of “the quest to live forever…” But how are we all gonna fit on this tiny rock if there’s already 7 billion of us? A newly discovered, for me-personally, book-blog called the Browser featured this interview with its author: FiveBooks Interviews> Stephen Cave on Immortality via – The Browser


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