Books & Roses (and a Dragon)

Ed. Bad news, everyone. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the dragon will not breathe fire tonight. We promise to send a Dragon Alert as soon as we are able to reschedule.

Sorry for the last minute notice.

-Ferndale Public Library

On Sunday, April 22nd, FPL hosts a celebration of The Day of Books and Roses – presented by the Friends of the Ferndale Library and sponsored by the Society of Sant Jordi – Imagine something akin to a Catalonian St. Patrick’s Day – only instead of a saint chasing away snakes, this one does battle with a dragon – and at the end of it all, the ladies receive roses from the gentleman, and the guys are presented books from the gals… -not that even of a trade as far as I’m conerned, but I’m biased.

Meet the DragonTo celebrate The Day of Books and Roses, artist Keith Coleman’s dragon statue will reside in Stevenson Park for the next few weeks.

The dragon is part of the legend surrounding Saint Jordi Day, a famous celebration in Catalonia, Spain, on April 23rd and the inspiration for The Day of Books and Roses festival.

Latest Dragon Updates have the metallic beast scheduled to breath fire Friday -the 13th – at 7pm! Look out!

“A yearly public event in which families and friends celebrate and exchange books and roses in a festive atmosphere at the Ferndale Public Library. Participants buy books, roses, food and beverages. Poets and authors read from their work. A set-up reminiscent of book fairs and public squares.”

Tickets ($5) available at the Circulation Desk @ FPL!

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