Green Week (@ the Library)

4.16.12. – Butterfly Day – “Beautification Commission presentation” – at the Ferndale Public Library – 7pm

4.17.12 – Garden Day – “Green Thumb” – at the Ferndale Public Library (-Learn about growing your own garden – get started with some seedlings – (and sign up for some possible prizes, like a push-mower!) – 7pm

4.18.12 – Youth Day – “Green Story Time” – at the Ferndale Public Library – 6pm

4.19.12 – Local Day – “Transition Ferndale” will host a program at the Library – 7pm

4.20.12. – Celebration Day – “Green Week Party” – at the Loving Touch Pool Hall – 7pm

4.21.12 – Bicycle Day – “Green Cruise Spring Bike Ride” – meeting/launching from the Ferndale Bike Shop – 10am

4.22.12. – Earth Day – “Enjoy The Planet!” –All Day Long!

Recommended Reading – (compliments of Circ-staffer Lindsey, through her ‘Home‘ display) The complete compost gardening guide : banner batches, grow heaps, comforter compost, and other amazing techniques for saving time and money, and producing the most flavorful, nutritious vegetables ever

Recommended viewing:

A recent film – No Impact Man(part of a charitable effort to get new citizens engaged in the quest for a way of life that is both good for our habitat and for people.)

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