Worth a Thousand Words – FPL Art

You can now stay in tune with your creative side, as well as receive updates on cultural events and peeks at insightful new books, documentaries and anthologies added to our collection, through the FPL Art page…

…Curated by our staff’s most artistically-visionary member, Ms. Lindsey Harnish (and bolstered by the enthusiasm of our Board of Trustees’ own in-house artiste, Mr. Pat Dengate)…

The Facebook page launched over the weekend – greeting you, and the world, thusly:

Follow us to learn about art exhibitions, artist lectures, art reference for the lending collection, and our small permanent art collection – all at the Ferndale Public Library. We’ll also be sharing interesting art news and views from here in the Metro Detroit area all the way to the international art scene….”

Other features for this page include sage suggestions on materials available at our library covering a wide range of fine-arts subjects – be it books or documentaries.

Stay tuned for future announcements and potential programming – We may see some beautifying art installations inside our already-significantly-beautiful-building.

Bravo! We’ve already got a formidable music collection – now we’re upping the impressive-ante on our Artsy side as well.

This place is too hip.

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