Book Surgeons and Our Film Series- (March)

The artiest (and spiffiest) staff member on the FPL circulation crew, Ms. Lindsey Harnish…pointed me toward this dazzling display of book art… graceful and staggeringly meticulous strokes of a beauty-rendering-scalpel upon the dutch pink parchment of old tomes…

There’s no way Lindsey or I are talented enough with our own book-repair-kits to reach these heights – though…there’s only one way to get to the Carnegie Hall of Book Surgery – (but then again, that would require us “practicing” a lot and would wind up ruining a lot of otherwise read-able books -and no one wants that…)

View more here (from My Modern Met)

In Other News… as you already, we’re all reading The Local News and Eleven for this season’s Ferndale Reads – So, to play off those books’ respective themes (teenage mystery-solvers, missing-persons, suburban melodrama), Reference Librarian Ed Burns is, (as he usually does) hosting a film series… view the schedule below (and a trailer of our debut film, Brick).

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