anti-valentine’s day and book news

Are you so over Valentine’s Day? Come hang out at the library after school for some Un-Valentine’s Day mirth. We’ll do some cupcake decorating, but not the Martha Stewart kind.

We’ll give a prize to the teen that makes the UGLIEST cupcake. We’ll also be discussing Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Pick up a copy at the library. For teens in grades 9-12. Registration is required for this event. Call the Youth Services Desk at 248-546-2504. Cupcakes compliments of Ferndale’s own Pinwheel Bakery

On the subject of melodramatic romances…(’tis the holiday) –

-GoodReads ranked Romance novels in the spring of 2011 – and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight came in at #2 (behind, predictably, the inevitable Pride & Prejudice…) But, yeah – # 2 -all time – to Twilight.

How have these books/movies altered/influenced this generation’s teenager? The Internet’s been all stirred up about that for the last three-year’s-solid, but here’s one take:

Scientists Look Into The Effects Of ‘Twilight’ On Teen Minds: Good girls and vampires, and questioning Bella Swan as a role model

But for something a little more adult -and certainly more genuinely poignant, look at NPR’s All Songs Considered special feature for Valentine’s Day, where listeners offered their personal song selections with anecdotal dedications – a digital mix-tape of love, if you will:

Valentine’s Day Song Dedications


Now then…

In E-Book News:

by dave coverly -

penguin pulls e-books

Penguin Publishing Group will no longer provide e-books or digital audiobooks to libraries via the OverDrive media content provider. Titles by this “big-six” publisher will no longer be accessible to library patrons – in fact, Random House only “big” publisher still currently providing their content – and reasons for varying pulls are nuanced and knotty – some stemming from the gray area of OverDrive allowing online patrons to indle users to check out content using Amazon’s own servers, but others born from fears that this, in the end, considerably impacts the sales of print books.

More info from ExtremeTech and mocoNewsnet

If you, yourself, should be having any trouble, like the distressed dad in the Speed Bump comic above, -ask at the Circulation Desk (or Reference Desk) at FPL, and we’ll do our best to help guide you to your destination of downloading (and reading) books from your personal device. We’ll do our best…

Find books at OverDrive. – and we recommendt his handy/quick getting-started-Guide.

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