What the Dickens?

Charles Dickens is probably literature’s first real pop-star (at least by judge of his wide renown and appeal that he was able to enjoy while still being alive), and this week (Tues 2/7), he turns 200 years old!

Most popular author of all time? Kinda hard to dispute… Happy Birthday, Chuck.

The author (whose name itself is an adjective for nuanced bleak conditions or distinctive types of cunning/naive characters) is best known for, in any order, epic novels like A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, or shorter works like A Christmas Carol… All of which, particularly the third title, are often prefaced by hyperbolic critics as “…immortal.”

Indeed, Mr. Dickens is immortal – and we’re celebrating that fact, this week, at the Ferndale Public Library. Come check out a special display where we give a nod to, yes, his most immortal works – but also, some of his more overlooked endeavors… (Or would it be under-looked?) Like The Old Curiosity Shop… Come check it out.

It’s a Dickensian bicentennial at FPL, without the squalor of early-Industrial-era London…and without, I’m afraid, any mutton-chops.

W-would you like… s’…s’more? Please?

The Charles Dickens Museum and Film London, in association with The Dickens Fellowship, have organized DICKENS 2012 – more info here.

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