First Stop – High Strung – Drew Bardo

Some real writers are coming to the library to make some melodious noise – not just lyricists, but bards who have hammered out their own books… be they poets (like Drew Bardo of The Questions) or auteurs of the supernatural/suspense-novel (like Josh Malerman from the High Strung).

Performing next Friday (Feb. 3rd) at the Library – Doors are at 6:30 / bands start around 7pm (FREE)

For those of you who have cable, you might recognize this next track (by Detroit’s The High Strung), as it was featured as the “theme-song” for the opening of Showtime’s Shameless…
The High Strung:

Bardo will be performing a solo-set this evening, he usually strums and sings as part of the rock quartet The Questions (take a listen):
The Questions:

While both lead singers are accomplished songwriters, it’s unique that they also are assiduous wordsmiths in other arenas – Malerman’s realm is more of the Stephen King-esque terror tome, while Bardo, who also has experience on the slam poetry circuit from ten years prior, also works in short fiction (and is currently finishing up a full length novel).

It’ll be an interesting set – both writers/singers are prone to potent on-stage theatrics – Bardo will have a more freeform, folk-Americana-tinged set, sutured with poetry (likely from his most-recent publishing The Naked Myopia) , while Malerman–…well, it’s anyone’s guess – The rest of the High Strung (Chad Stocker, also pictured above, Derek Berk and Stephen Palmer) will certainly bring their own shades of rock vibrancy – it’s this humble Library Blogger’s hope that he embraces his own tangential, warbling-writer side and rattles off o’ few of his recent pieces.

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