Very Pinteresting

Pinterest is a new social-networking/photo-sharing website that gives users their own digital bulletin boards to help organize the various vocations of their day-to-day-lives, be it work or play.

And, users can follow other “pinners” updates – like, say, the Ferndale Public Library’s… check it out.

Here, you can find the controlled chaos of our daily picks, pondering’s and news-bytes…

It’s a way to lay the library’s nuanced happenings out across your screen in a (hopefully) palatable way…I just pinned about Herman Melville’s Moby Dick – check it out in our “Books Worth Reading” page.

~~While you’re here – might I recommend checking out our new series on getting to know Your Neighborhood Professor

Join us as Your Neighborhood Professor Series continues!
Professor Marvin Zalman, J.D., Ph. D will tackle the subject of wrongful conviction.

“In the last few years research has identified at least 900 official exoneration of people who were convicted of felonies, although they had nothing to do with the crimes. In some cases no crime was every committed. Researchers believe that many more miscarriages of justice occur. A good deal of work has uncovered reasons why this happens. It is often the result of mistaken eyewitness identification, but a dozen other factors are involved. About 50 innocence projects now work to exonerated falsely convicted people and many states and police departments are taking steps to make criminal investigations more accurate.”

In Other News…

Ferndale Public Library Re-Defines Public Place” – Two months ago, there was a Greening Detroit Survey conducted at the Ferndale Library: “On Thursday, December 1st, the Detroit Regional Chapter of the USGBC offered a tour of the reopened facility hosted by the lead architect of the redesign, Seth Penchansky, AIA of Penchansky Whisler Architects in Ann Arbor. …” Read more how on green-we-are…

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