Continuing from recent posts concerning E-Readers…

December’s issue of Consumer Reports posted the results of overall test scores for various brands and models – from the Barnes & Noble NOOK to Amazon’s KINDLE… even down to the KOBO, SONY and ALURATEK…

You can watch a buying guide video from Consumer Reports – HERE.

I just got a “Nook COLOR” – a device that scores notably high, particularly in “-responsiveness” “-navigation” and “-readability.” It is, however, the most expensive of the bunch, at $250.00. It’s battery life is also a downer, at least when compared to the Kindle. But we’ll see…

It’s weird, I’ll tell you…holding this future-shock-inducing talisman, a whole library’s worth of books digitized into a 15 oz. / 8″ x 5″ sized computer.

I’ll battle with setting up the Wi-Fi, then gather some books and start experimenting… I’ll report back soon…

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