Seasons Greetings – E-Readers

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: Which one wins? (<–Free Press tech reporter Mark W. Smith lines them up for appraisal…) –>Last sunday’s Detroit Free Press pitted the two latest devices  from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, released in time for the holiday shopping season (on the dawn of “Digital Monday”

Find the Perfect E-Reader

More tips and analysis from the Web…Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet undercut iPad but come with trade-offs

Often, tech guru columnists across the web echo the same summation: that it all comes down to what suits you best – your own preferences – be it the lighting of the screen, to how it feels in your hands – however general or minute…

The Ferndale Public Library staff suspects that many of you might be newly-gifted with one of these two e-readers, after the holiday season – so we, ourselves, are brushing up on these sleek devices (and their capabilities to store whole-library’s-worth of digi-books).

In the meantime, maybe you’d like to check out the Library of Congress’ e-reader guide below:

Library of Congress – Guide to Devices

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One Response to Seasons Greetings – E-Readers

  1. Amy Butters says:

    Thanks for the great post, lots of good information. I do want to point out, though, that your first link “Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet,” is an article by Mark W. Smith, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. He doesn’t write for the Detroit News. They are two separate publications.

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